Our almost 17 year old cat, Rex, became very ill this week, and we almost lost him.

I can hear you now saying, “Jebus, woman…he’s 17 years old. Of *course* he is experiencing health problems. He’s ancient!” But the fact is, he’s been relatively healthy his entire life, with only a few bouts of seriously bad constipation in his old age and a case of very well controlled kidney disease. (It sounds worse than it is; his numbers are always in the normal range or just outside the normal range.)

But this week, Rex was sick on an entirely different level. Though we took him to the vet right away and began treatment immediately, he continued to go downhill, had yet another vet visit, and then Friday, I found him lying in a pool of water in my shower, lethargic and unmoved by his soaked, cold body. Michael rushed him to the Veteranary ER to find that his temperature was five degrees below normal and his kidney numbers were much worse than usual. We were scared.

They hooked him up to IVs to rehydrate him and warmed him up, and as of yesterday morning, his temperature was back to normal. We visited him in the afternoon, and he ate two teaspoons of food, which was a lot considering he hadn’t eaten in five days. They’ve been giving him excellent care, and we go back today to find out if we can take him home yet.

So, while I’m not for changes to the human health care system, I can tell you that I’m very happy with the pet health care system. They don’t need to change a thing except possibly lowering the fees just a little. Still, it’s worth it to have a beloved member of the family with us for a while longer, feeling like his old self again and playing with his tail like a kitten.