It’s probably been three years since I logged into my blog. I had high hopes that blogging would be something I’d do on a regular basis to get to know myself better and let others know who I am, and I did keep it up for quite a while. There’s some pretty good stuff here, though a lot of the pictures and videos have disappeared with time. I just reread some of the things I’ve written on this blog since 2007, and some of them were pretty entertaining and/or thought provoking. I have to admit, I laughed out loud at the Mystery Pooper post, though my guess is you had to be there to get the full effect.

I really got something out of writing all those posts, so it surprises me even now that I stopped writing so abruptly. It’s not like I didn’t have a lot to learn and share. The last three years of my life have been some of the most interesting. I guess the truth is that life just got me down for a while after Mom died three years ago this month. I didn’t feel like sharing anymore; all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and lick my wounds. I didn’t feel like exploring myself either; too much yuck there I just didn’t want to face. And so the blog lay dormant with no ego to drive it.

Funny thing about life…it goes on without you even realizing it. In spite of the fact that I thought my life was completely settled, over the past week, I’ve learned more about myself than I have in the rest of my life combined. I’ve learned that I’ve been lied to and cheated out of something I would have held very dear. My very identity came crashing down around me, like so many bricks from a wall that no longer serves a purpose. This has been, understandably, one of the worst and best weeks of my life. Now, I have to learn who I am all over again! I’m picking up those fallen bricks, and one by one, building something new and exciting. Hopefully, it will spur me on to think critically and do some personal writing again.