In 1964, a 26 year old rhythm and blues singer named Lenny Welch rLenny Welch at 26eleased a single that became one of the nations biggest records. Since I Fell for You was a huge hit, and it was among the 45s that my older sister, Marianne, had in her collection. I listened to that song and it’s “B” side, Are You Sincere? so many times that I knew them by heart by the time I was six years old.

Lenny was huge at that time. In 1962, even before Since I Fell for You came out, Lenny released the first vocal version of A Taste of Honey, which was later covered by The Beatles on their Please, Please Me album. (More about them in just a sec’.) That song would become a standard.

Even as a small child, I was struck by the quality of Lenny Welch’s voice. So pure, hearing it always reminds me of warm honey…rich, full and delicious. In a perfect world, Lenny Welch would have been a huge star, and if it weren’t for really bad timing, he would be one today. Only one thing stood between him and immortality.

John, Paul, George and Ringo.

February 7, 1964, The Beatles deplaned in New York to find thousands of teenagers, The Beatles logomostly female - screaming and crying - out of sheer excitement at the opportunity to get a glimpse of them. That was the day Lenny Welch’s burgeoning career was cut short.

Don’t get me wrong. Lenny has had a good career. His songs have been used in movies, he’s had huge hits, he’s performed at great venues across the world, he’s even appeared on General Hospital, for goodness sakes! But do you know his name? And if perhaps you do, does it have the same significance as Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones?


I think if Lenny Welch’s career had begun just a few short years sooner, he would have Lenny Wlch now - from his official websitebecome a household name. Momentum would have carried him through when The Beatles invaded the world. Instead, he faded into the background.

I hope people will rediscover his fabulous voice and style. He truly is amazing. Check out these samples from his website

Since I Fell for You

You Don’t Know Me

Ebb Tide

Here’s a great video of David and Maddie dancing to Since I Fell for You on the Moonlighting pilot.