Kudos to Andrew from KFC (I believe KFC corporate) for commenting so positively on my post about the worst customer service experience ever.  It’s nice to know that someone who works for KFC cares enough to apologize on behalf of the company and insist I go through with my promise to report it.

(Report it I did, Andrew. Thanks for letting me know I sent it to the right place.)

And don’t worry about Kim’s location scaring me off from KFC altogether. Though I’ve seen a general problem with customer service at most KFCs, the great food more than made up for it until this latest experience. I truly believe that if management would add some real accountability for bad behavior and some solid rewards for good behavior to the mix, KFC could return to the great chicken place it once was.

I’ll probably even visit the 122nd and Penn store again at some point, just to see if anyone cared enough to do something about Kim.  If they don’t, that will be the only thing that would turn me off to them forever. No reputable place would let people like that manage their property. I have faith, though. I feel that KFC will do the right thing. (Though they may also want to take a look at the district manager, if he or she has let this go on for as long as it has.)

Anyway, thanks agian, Andrew.  You’ve renewed my faith…at least a little bit.