Growing up in the era I did, I thought I was familiar with the plethora of things people do to get high. Alcohol, marijuana, PCP, cocaine, acid, heroin, airplane glue, mescaline, etc. were the drugs of choice in the 60s, 70s and 80s, but today’s druggies are reaching new lows in their desire to scramble their brains.

Drugs like Oxycontin and Ecstacy are bad enough. With the former, a user can easily die on the same dose they’ve previously used to get high on, and with the latter, they’re left with depleted levels of seratonin in their brains for the rest of their lives. Oh, wow. Do this drug and you can never really experience joy again. Yeah, that’s something I want to put in my body.

Then there’s meth that is made from such things as Draino and bleach that turns users into such scab-picking freaks that it’s hard for them to ever be normal again.

Some drug users today, though, are doing things to get high that I can’t imagine.

While I thought toad licking was just a joke from The Simpsons, people actually smoke from: venom to get high. There’s a toad that lives in the Sanoran desert of Arizona (down by Tucson and Tombstone) called “bufo alvarius” that has specialized multi-celluar glands in its neck and limbs that produce a milky-white venom that contains large amounts of the potent hallucinogen 5-MEO-DMT. When dried and vaporized by heat and smoked, it produces an intense psychedelic experience that lasts a short while, with a lingering psychedelic afterglow.

Okay, as weird as that is, it’s not as bad as the newest craze called “Jenkim.”

Jenkim, aka butthash, is made from fermented human urine and fecal matter. Yep, you read that right. People are using their own waste to get high.

How do they do it? They put their waste into a jar and put it in the sun for several days with a balloon on top as a lid. Then they inhale the gas, which induces a euphoric high similar to cocaine but with strong hallucinations added in.

One of the side effects of this is that users’ mouths taste and smell like feces for weeks at a time. How would you like to date a guy who’s done that?

“Come over here and kiss me, baby.”

“Uhhhh…I don’t think so. Nope…never again!”

What will they think of next? I can’t even think of an example that’s worse than that!

It just makes me happy that I did my own experimentation a long time ago. (Though I have to tell you, no level of peer pressure would have ever gotten me to be a crap sniffer. You could have offered me a million dollars to do it and I never would have.)

Kind of makes me want to go brush my teeth just thinking of it!