I ran across a website today advertising a product I would never have thought of in a million years. The website is www.lifegems.com, and the product is a man made diamond. 

That doesn’t sound too unusual; right?

The thing is, though, that the diamond is made from human remains. That’s right, you can take your loved one’s ashes or even a lock of his or her hair, send it to this company, and they will make a man-made diamond for you, suitable for setting in a ring, necklace, bracelet, etc.

Now, I’m all for keeping the memory of a loved one close to your heart, but actually wearing that persion is another thing entirely. As much as I loved my dad, I just can’t imagine wearing a ring made of Dad.

Can’t you just hear the conversation?

“Oh!  What a beautiful ring!  That diamond is stunning!”

“Why, thank you!  It’s Dad!”

“What? You mean your dad gave it to you?”

“No. The stone. It’s Dad.”

“You mean it is something he would have really appreciated, or it looks like a stone he would have chosen?”

“No, dolt. I took a cup of Dad’s ashes, sent it to this company, paid them $20k and they made this diamond out of him. Now, Dad can be with me all the time!”

Can you imagine the look on the other person’s face?

And where does it all stop?  What if you want Spot made into a ring or you have a pet hamster that was really special to you. Can you get a diamond made from a rodent, too?

I think whoever thought this up is dementedly brilliant, to be sure, because it’s an idea that could catch on. My question is, though, do you have to have a special permit to wear jewelry made from human remains?

And what about the less fortunate who can’t afford to have grandpa made into fine jewelry? Will they start just wearing Mom’s bone fragments in their pierced ears? 

What about Aunt Julie makeup? After all, that dust could make a great cover up powder with the right coloring added in.

Or, you just just leave it white for that I-never-go-out-in-the-sunlight-and-just-love-the-taste-of-blood look.

It’s the new wave of the future! A whole line of makeup and jewelry made from dead people.

At least we won’t have to worry about Soilent Green.

Or, will we???