I received a lot of emails about my last post, most of them agreeing with me that, with the ever present idea of “anal leakage” always in the forefront of their minds, they could never imagine taking a drug that lists those side effects as common ones.

I also got several website comments on the post, including my first “come to my porn site” comments (probably as a result of using the words “anal” and “ass.” Go figure.) Thank goodness for the ability to deny comments like that.  (It still creeps me out to know that some guy is out there searching for words like that just so he can post porn come-hither comments on other people’s sites.)

On the not creepy at all end of the spectrum, one of my work buddies, a forthright and funny dude named Troy who sits about 20 feet from me (and is right now assailing my ears with the purposeful squeak-squeak-squeaking of his chair) sent me the following clip that fit right into the theme of the day.

Be forewarned that this video clip contains adult language, but frankly, it wouldn’t be the same otherwise! ;)