Call me a complete geek, but I love gaming. It challenges the mind while allowing the freedom of knowing that what accomplishments or failings I may have in the game make no difference to me in real life.One of the best things about it is that it transforms me. In real life, I’m a writer and editor, loved by those who understand I’m only working to make them look smarter and hated by those who are offended that I’ve changed what they’ve written. I’m considered by many to be a studious person, full of fun but also very serious (and more than a little anal retentive) about my work and work ethic.

In Netherstorm or Terroker Forrest, though, I’m a bad-ass. I can destroy monsters who are working equally hard to destroy me while I heal myself to full health. I can leap from tall cliffs as a cat, run fast and hard as a cheetah, fight with the strength of a bear and when I know I can’t win, I can fly like the wind. In my virtual world, I can be attacked by an opposing faction and come out the victor. And when I’ve won, I can climb upon my epic mount and cross the world faster than almost everyone in the game.

In real life, the only time the bad-ass in me comes out is when I work and when I feel the need to protect my son. Other than that, I’m pretty mild mannered. So I don’t mind telling you - I like being able to be a tough gal in the virtual world.

Being a bad-ass can be fun, but even in the virtual world, bad-asses can be girls with a sweet side. ;>