With every day that passes, I’m struck by my changing emotions. As I thought I would, I got over being angry with my half sisters. They are the ones with the issues, and I have to feel bad for them. I know seeing me post on their brother’s, cousin’s and son’s/nephew’s Facebook pages has got to stick in their craws. I have tried not to do it much, because I want to avoid making them feel bad, but I’m also not going to hide out and NOT participate. I guess, in the long run, they’re just going to have to live with seeing my name on those pages. The closer I get to the family members who have accepted me, the more likely I am to just be myself and post when I feel like it.

And speaking of my feelings (see how I segued that so smoothly?) I’m completely amazed at how strong they are. I expected to grow to care about my brother, cousin and nephew, but I didn’t expect to love them the way I do. I don’t know if it’s been brought on by the gratefulness I feel toward them or the fact that they’re just wonderful people (or both), but I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the love I feel for them and the happiness they’ve brought to my life. I just can’t wait to spend some real time with them and talk for hours, learning about each other.

I was especially excited this week to hear that my other brother finally learned about me and thought it was cool to have a half sister. I’d been worried about how he’d take the news, so it was heart warming to know that he welcomes me. I look forward to meeting him, too.

My trip to California can’t come soon enough for me. I can’t WAIT!!!